Thursday, May 17, 2012


There are times in life during which I just want to close the door to my bedroom and lock out the world.  Do you know those times?  When school is too much, when work is pulling me down, when too many people need me and I don't have time for me, or when I have something happen in my world that really sets me back - like having a cavity with discomfort or pain - are a few examples.  When one or all of these things happen at one time, I need to get away and recharge.

The same goes for my husband.  When life kicks him in the teeth or he is feeling like work is piled on top of him with no light at the end of the tunnel, I feel it's my job to help him overcome and refresh from this down-trodden time.  Now, you might be asking how on earth that's possible with a one year old and both of us working 60+ hours a week.  Let me tell you.

Time off.

My husband and I have had a weekend to Solvang (a lovely/kitchy Germanic town near Santa Barbara) planned for a while now - it's a family reunion type of activity (which has its own stressors, but mostly is just fun).  This week when my husband was feeling very low energy, it occured to me that he could have the weekend alone at home and I could go with our little girl to Solvang.  When I made the suggestion, he balked.  After all, it's his family we're going to see!  However, after thinking about having time alone in his space with no pressures to bring him down, he agreed to my brilliant idea.

Sometimes we have to think outside the box.  By giving my husband much needed alone time, he will feel better and we will feel better as a family.

Happy Spring!

Copyright 2012 Heather Corwin