Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthdays... love 'em or hate 'em?

This is the month of many birthdays - including my husband (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and my twin brother (well, my birthday too if you do the math).  So this got me to thinking about how people think about growing older. 

Here in L.A., looking 20 is still coveted, thought I wouldn't return to my 20's if you paid me!  They weren't bad, but my 30's are SOOOOOOOOO much better!  And, to be honest, if I was worried about aging, my birthday on the fateful September 11 certainly reminded me that aging is far better than some alternative.

So why do people hate getting older?  I love my wisdom, how life gets easier because I know myself better, how every year the skills that I have become more refined.  Sure, I may have some aches and pains now and then, but with healthy eating, exercise, and happiness, life is good. 

You may really not feel good about getting older, but I love every minute of my life.  I'm better now than I've ever been and that's a trend I see continuing long into my aged years.  How do you want to celebrate life?  I think I'll do as they do in India and wear my wrinkles with pride.  Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Time to Create

Many people liken the experience of creation of a work of art to that of birth.  The artist has the idea, the passion, the drive, and the chutzpa to see the inception to completion.  As we face the many challenges life gives, remembering the times of creation will help you find the power inside yourself to weather the inevitable challenges.

If you've been feeling a bit stagnant in your life or you feel you are at a crossroads, now is the best time to be still, listen inside, and let your heart tell you what is next for you to create.  Listening is not easy, nor is it for the faint of heart.  Sometimes your answers will not make others happy.  Sometimes your answers may not make sense to you - but you know that choice will be your choice and the right one for you.

If you believe and have a spiritual practice with Universe, Spirit, God or whatever you'd like to call it, that may deepen your empowerment and faith when challenges arrive and you are discouraged.  Community is a wonderful support and church (your choice) can offer that type of community.

Now, my friend, is the time to create your life as you see fit.  Find your heart, listen, and leap!  Leap into your creation!  Good luck!

Copyright 2010 Heather Corwin

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clean out the Relationship Closet!

There are times in everyone's life when a relationship has outlasted its welcome.  Sometimes those relationships are personal, sometimes business.  So what should be the deal breakers when deciding who's to go and who's to stay?

  1. Do you feel your relationship is mutually respectful?
  2. Do you trust the person or institution?
  3. Do you look forward to interactions with the person?
  4. Does the person own when s/he does something wrong?  Meaning, do they apologize or just make you feel bad because they ignore your feelings and needs?
  5. Do you seem to have a core affinity for each other?
  6. Do you dread hearing from them?
  7. When you see it's them on caller ID, is your choice most often to let it go to voice mail even when you can take the call?
  8. When you get off the phone or out of a meeting with the person, do you sigh with relief?
Check it out with your people.  Life is too short to invite anxiety into it!  Surround yourself with the people who LOVE you!!!