Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life Grows Time

So often when I was young, I felt it would take forever to become an adult.  Now that I am an adult with all the bells and whistles of being a parent, I find time is on an odd continuum for me.  I don't think this is just a result of being a parent, though I do think parenting accentuates this experience.

A great example of what I'm talking about is daylight savings time.  When I was a kid, I just thought people were weird for changing time to have more sun time in the day.  Now that I'm an adult, I still think it's odd, but an additional layer of torture seems to be mixed in now when I miss sleep in Spring.  Who wants to miss sleep?

Well, daylight savings, every fall when I loose an hour you kick my butt.  Now, you're also kicking my daughter's butt and that's just not cool.

Though time after time I hear time is relative. It is.  So I'll treat it like a relative by trying to be adaptable and forgiving of flaws.  Well...and there's nothing I can do to stop time, so I better invite it in!

Copyright 2013 Heather Corwin

Monday, April 8, 2013

Selfish of Self Care

To do anything for the self means we are selfish - or this is what some people believe.  This isn't always so.  Sometimes, acting on impulses that we know will make us feel good can be self care.  How do you tell the difference?

Selfish is pursuing actions when the cost of these actions might be someone else's. Selfless is actions completed for other people's benefit.  Self care is taking action to feel safe, good, and nurtured.

Now, I'm not saying a person has to be selfless like Mother Theresa.  I am saying that a person can't be happy if she ignores her inner voice who is telling her what she needs in her life.  Being happy isn't selfish.

So next time your little voice offers some insight to your happiness,  take a listen and DO it!

Copyright 2013 Heather Corwin