Monday, July 27, 2015

Relocating Can be a Bitch

You know where your coffee place is, your dentist, your favorite breakfast place, where your friends like to hang out, your favorite romantic restaurant, etc.  But now you're half way across the country and none of those people, things or places are the same.  You don't even have the same bank because it's going to be another branch.  Life is full of details.

Details make up my life.  Now they're ALL different.

I can thank my lucky stars that the sameness is in my marriage partner - Doug.  Through the constant changes, we have each other - and will soon have other friends again as well.  Thankfully, I have friends in the area, but it's not the same... yet.  There's a loneliness that hits when moving to a place that's new because the older people get, the harder it is to establish new relationships.  I now have the opportunity to rekindle some friendships that I enjoyed years ago, and I'm delighted that many of those friends are interested in doing so! 

Now I just have to have patience and grieve the loss of the life I had in Pasadena.  Those people are not dead to me, I just won't have an every day interaction with them.  I look forward to visits!!!

Copyright 2015 Heather L. Corwin