Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thought for the Day

Take a moment to stop and observe your surroundings.  Notice how you breathe when you're taking in your world.  Notice what your eyes focus on.  Notice what your mind thinks.  Without judgement, see if you can discover one element in your surroundings for which you are grateful.  Lastly, see if you can make your heart smile.

Your life is an accumulation of hard work, successes, learning moments, and love.  I'm glad you're alive and in my world!

Copyright 2012 Heather Corwin

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gifts From The Heart

You know, I used to wear black every Valentine's day because I had so many awful disappointments on this supposed day of love that I not only gave up on this celebration, I boycotted it.  Thankfully, I now have some great memories associated with February 14, so I don't wear black anymore.

One great learning for me for this day of love is to share with the loves of my life the memories of love they have gifted me through the year.  I have some photo collages that I frame of my little girl to commemorate her growth (and cuteness).  Plus, my husband and I still have many images up from our wedding - what a day full of love and laughter that was!!!

If you're dreading the hooplah that's pushed a little too hard by our culture tomorrow, remember this day might be best enjoyed focusing on what YOU want to when it comes to love and who means the most to you!

Copyright 2012 Heather Corwin