Friday, October 28, 2011

Colds Stink

The tickle at the back of your throat... the itchy and watery eyes... the runny nose...  feeling worn down...  usually these symptoms all add up to a cold.  So what do you to weather the feeling bad, but not so bad that you stop your life and take a day off?  What if you have an audition?

Many swear by teas, echinacea, vitamin C, orange juice, plenty of liquids and chicken noodle soup.  Emergen-C is handy in my bag of wellness.  If you're able to get some doting on my your mom, all the more power to you!  Do you also use petroleum jelly on your nose to stop the red dry and achy feeling the skin around the nose gets from the constant wiping, dripping and blowing?  If you don't use that, what do you use?

And when I have to audition, I don't stop and give excuses.  If they can tell I'm sick, good for them.  If they can't and they just think I have a bit of a nasal quality, good for me.  Either way, I've done what I wanted to do which is to show up, do my best, and give myself another opportunity to work.

After all, when should a sneeze stop me from getting cast?

Copyright 2011 Heather Corwin

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Holidays...Already?

That was my first thought when I went to Home Depot the other day upon viewing rows of Christmas trees and October.  Really?  Am I just getting more weary because I'm older or is consumerism, in fact, becoming more pronounced?  Maybe both?  Either way, I started to think about how I want to spend the holidays this year.  Last year I was healing from having my little girl at home; I'll spare you the details.  This year, I am well and can celebrate the holidays with cheer.  But where should we celebrate as a family?

My first reaction was with my husband's family because they're within driving distance.  That was our plan.  But then my husband and I started to think about the travel hassles, how our little girl doesn't love to be still for long (let alone a five hour drive), and how we have weathered a hell of a year.  Our revised plan is to stay home and rest.

While I don't think this plan went over well with our family, it sure does make my heart feel cozy.  Holidays are for creating family traditions and celebrating the gifts we have enjoyed during the year.  My husband and I are new parents with a spectacular little girl!  What's not to celebrate?  We made it through the sleep deprivation and are now on our way to laughing often and looking at every day as a fun adventure rather than something to slog through.  Plus, I'm almost done with my Ph.D. coursework, something I never thought would actually come to pass.  I have one more semester and then it's just writing the dissertation.  Phew!  Then all I have to do is land a professorship!  :-D

No matter how you choose to celebrate your holidays this year, follow your heart.  Life has challenges - so make your heart happy the best you know how.  And if you happen to cringe when you see the rows of Christmas decorations at any given store, know that you're not alone.  Find your reason for the season!
Copywright 2011 Heather Corwin

Friday, October 7, 2011

Take Time to Connect

As artistic people, we need to take time- especially in an urban environment- to connect to other people in a meaningful and supportive way.  One simple way that we often overlook is resting WITH someone else.  The truth is, as animals we sleep more soundly knowing that someone is looking over or out for us.  So why not rest in a pack every now and then?

By resting with others, we give our over-stimulated nervous systems a chance to regulate and synch with others at a time when we're all calm.  When's the last time you felt truly calm with another?  What a cozy feeling!  If you're able to, choose a place that makes you all or both feel safe and good like the people in the image above lying on the deck by the water with a fuzzy friend keeping watch.  You might choose in front of a warming fire or on an inviting couch.

Even taking 10 minutes a day to rest with someone else can make a calming difference in your life.  Give it a try.  Isn't it a lovely thought to know that you can bring more joy into your life?

Copyright 2011 Heather Corwin