Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Do You Choose a Healer?

Everywhere in the world there are healers other than medical doctors who can ease our bodies and soothe our souls.  But how do you know which modality is best for you?  And how do you know you're going to have a talented healer?

When I am looking for credentials, I make sure the person has proper licensing to insure legal training and ethics are followed according to the parameters of the profession.  More importantly, I ask friends who they like in the area.  If that's not enough, I make sure the person has been practicing at least 5 years.  That's enough time to determine if they have the talent and stamina to remain in the field.  After which, I look at any online reviews with a grain of salt and see if they sound true.

I have three standards that I hold dear when choosing a healer:
  1. Their work inspires me.  I want to work with someone who not only loves what they do, but I feel our moments together have impacted me.
  2. Their curiosity leads their work rather than judgment or a plan. I want to work with someone who is able to go with the flow and the moment because at all times anything can change.
  3. They love what they do.  The love for something will motivate a person to go further and inquire more than someone who is just doing a job.  
In fact, I love helping people find healers so much, I've created Guided Healing Journey

Next time you're looking for a healer, keep in mind the things that make a healer great!

Copyright 2010 Heather Corwin